Brown Spots in Lawn After Winter? What They Mean and What to Do

Before it was covered in the first snowfall, your lawn was lush and green. So, if you find brown spots in your lawn after winter, it’s understandable that you’d feel disappointed. That’s not at all the kind of lawn you’d been missing through the cold months. Sometimes these brown spots are normal, and the grass [...]

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When to Winterize a Sprinkler System

One simple fact, that water expands when it freezes, is responsible for a lot of spring headaches for those with sprinkler systems. Depending on how much water is in your sprinkler pipes at the exact moment it freezes, it could burst through your line, break your sprinkler heads, and cost you thousands in repairs. That’s [...]

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What is a Low Flow Sprinkler Head?

Have you ever noticed that your sprinklers flood a particular spot on your lawn? Perhaps you’ve seen water running off your garden before absorbing deep enough into the ground to get to your trees’ or shrubs’ roots? These are the exact problems low flow sprinkler heads were designed to solve. Low flow sprinkler heads [...]

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Should You Aerate Your Lawn in the Summer?

Aerating your lawn gives it the best chance to build solid roots and survive less than ideal conditions. You’ve probably heard something about aerating your lawn, but it’s always been one of those things you put off because it sounds complicated. Can you really do it yourself or should you hire someone to aerate your [...]

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What is Xeriscaping and Is It Right for Me?

Xeriscaping probably sounds like some really complicated, high-tech term but you might be surprised at what it really is. Xeriscaping is a landscaping technique that uses drought-resistant plants in efficient and water-saving ways to make a yard beautiful without creating a high water demand. The xeriscape (sounds like zeer-i-scape) technique got its name in the [...]

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