What is Xeriscaping and Is It Right for Me?

Xeriscaping probably sounds like some really complicated, high-tech term but you might be surprised at what it really is. Xeriscaping is a landscaping technique that uses drought-resistant plants in efficient and water-saving ways to make a yard beautiful without creating a high water demand. The xeriscape (sounds like zeer-i-scape) technique got its name in the [...]

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How to Increase Sprinkler Distance

As a homeowner, coming out to a healthy, green lawn in the morning could very well be something you take pride in. It’s almost like your lawn is rewarding you for keeping it happy and well-watered. You might also however, have that one corner of your yard that the sprinklers just aren’t reaching- and like [...]

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Rachio vs. RainMachine in 2019: Who Makes the Best Smart Sprinkler Controller?

As pollution, water wastage, drought, and climate change continuously affect the availability of water, a lot of Americans are taking action to lessen the worsening problem by looking for effective solutions. One of the best – and smartest – solutions for this worsening problem is by performing irrigation at the right time and with just [...]

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What is a Sprinkler System’s DCA and What Does it Do?

A DCA, or double check assembly, is the most common kind of backflow preventer for a sprinkler system. Double check assemblies are required by many state and local codes throughout the U.S. and are typically required to be retested on a regular basis. They are also sometimes called double check valves. What is a backflow [...]

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