When Should I Turn Off My Sprinkler System in Colorado?

With October once again upon us, the time is fast approaching for Colorado residents to winterize their homes, which includes your sprinkler system. Winterizing your sprinklers is a crucial step in preparing for the freezing temperatures. Especially if you want to prevent cracks and defects in the pipes from plaguing you with further expenses and [...]

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Why is My Lawn Brown? [Infographic]

Share this Image On Your SitePlease include attribution to Green Mountain Turf with this graphic. Brown lawns are so disappointing, especially when you’ve put time into caring for your lawn. The best way to fix the brown spots once and for all is to find out what’s really causing them. The Problem Over Watering Your [...]

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When to Winterize a Sprinkler System

One simple fact, that water expands when it freezes, is responsible for a lot of spring headaches for those with sprinkler systems. Depending on how much water is in your sprinkler pipes at the exact moment it freezes, it could burst through your line, break your sprinkler heads, and cost you thousands in repairs. That’s [...]

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What is a Low Flow Sprinkler Head?

Have you ever noticed that your sprinklers flood a particular spot on your lawn? Perhaps you’ve seen water running off your garden before absorbing deep enough into the ground to get to your trees’ or shrubs’ roots? These are the exact problems low flow sprinkler heads were designed to solve. Low flow sprinkler heads [...]

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