Should You Aerate Your Lawn in the Summer?

Aerating your lawn gives it the best chance to build solid roots and survive less than ideal conditions. You’ve probably heard something about aerating your lawn, but it’s always been one of those things you put off because it sounds complicated. Can you really do it yourself or should you hire someone to aerate your [...]

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What is Xeriscaping and Is It Right for Me?

Xeriscaping probably sounds like some really complicated, high-tech term but you might be surprised at what it really is. Xeriscaping is a landscaping technique that uses drought-resistant plants in efficient and water-saving ways to make a yard beautiful without creating a high water demand. The xeriscape (sounds like zeer-i-scape) technique got its name in the [...]

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How to Increase Sprinkler Distance

As a homeowner, coming out to a healthy, green lawn in the morning could very well be something you take pride in. It’s almost like your lawn is rewarding you for keeping it happy and well-watered. You might also however, have that one corner of your yard that the sprinklers just aren’t reaching- and [...]

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What is a Sprinkler System’s DCA and What Does it Do?

A DCA, or double check assembly, is the most common kind of backflow preventer for a sprinkler system. Double check assemblies are required by many state and local codes throughout the U.S. and are typically required to be retested on a regular basis. They are also sometimes called double check valves. What is a backflow [...]

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