Sprinkler Repair in Centennial

Broken, sputtering, or leaking sprinklers can quickly leave your lawn dying and brown. Plus, you might find your water bill has risen as extra water drips out of the system at all hours. Either way, you need expert sprinkler repair, quickly, to save your plants and avoid wasting water. Green Mountain Turf provides that professional sprinkler repair to Centennial.

Mike, one of our contractors, has finished a sprinkler repair in Centennial

The Best in Sprinkler Repair

We’ve been around for 40 years, so we know which sprinkler heads and systems have the longest lifespan and provide the best performance. We only use the best sprinklers and equipment for our customers.

Plus, because our expert technicians are so experienced and knowledgeable, they can repair your sprinkler faster and better than the competition. We’ll catch small issues before they become major and we’ll suggest drainage solutions that can minimize your water usage to save you money.

We’ve built great relationships with thousands of customers and they have rated us five stars in return. We’re proud of our trustworthy reputation and simply offer the best customer service around.

a sprinkler head replacement

Sprinkler Winterization in Centennial, CO

Don’t head to Craigslist the next time you need a sprinkler blowout. Green Mountain Turf offers affordable sprinkler winterization and spring startups performed by licensed contractors. We only use safe, reliable methods to perform all of our winterization jobs, so your sprinkler system will never be damaged by a bad blowout on our watch. We also pride ourselves on superior customer service, offering flat up-front pricing, accurate arrival times, and the utmost respect for your landscaping and property.

Avoid uninsured damage to your sprinkler system and no-shows by calling Centennial’s most trusted irrigation team today.

What is Sprinkler Winterization?

If you’re a new homeowner, or new to the area, chances are good that you might not know about sprinkler winterization.

Winterizing sprinklers involves using a high-output air compressor to remove every last trace of water from your sprinkler system. This must be performed under precise conditions (<50 PSI with 20+ CFM of volume) to ensure that every drop is removed, without also harming your sprinkler system. If the water is not removed, low temperatures will cause it to freeze in place, which can rupture pipes and crack open joints.

After the water is blown out, we then double check that all above-ground components of your sprinkler system are properly insulated to also avoid damage.

a commercial sprinkler repair in Centennial

Commercial Sprinkler Repair

We don’t just repair home sprinkler systems. We also perform commercial sprinkler repair in Centennial. This city is a growing commercial center and a great place to invest, whether you’re opening your doors for the first time or making some upgrades to an existing business. Either way, you’ll need a green property to attract customers or keep employee morale high.

Did you know that Centennial’s Center Park is a regional award winner? The people of Centennial care about their green spaces and value recreation. Show that you share their values with some quality landscaping.

It doesn’t have to be a huge investment—at Green Mountain Turf we know which sprinklers will last you the longest and are therefore the most cost-effective. Plus, we offer quick and reliable sprinkler repair that helps keep landscaping costs low for the long-term. With our help, you’ll have a lush lawn will help keep Centennial’s discerning customers walking through your door.

Smart Sprinkler Controller Rebates

Did you know that Centennial residents may be eligible for a rebate when installing a smart sprinkler controller? Speak with one of our team members today to learn more.

Your Landscaping is Art: Paint in Green

We believe that landscaping is art. At your house, your landscaping reflects your tastes, values, and the kind of home you’ve cultivated with your family. At your business, your landscaping reflects your company’s values. Often it is your potential customer’s first impression of your business.

Green Mountain Turf can help you achieve the lovely and manicured landscaping you want, whether you’re investing in your home or commercial property.

  • Our expert technicians have the drainage knowledge you need to make your greenery lush and offer the sprinkler repair services that can keep it that way.
  • We can design and install outdoor lighting to highlight your best landscaping features or provide an illuminated pathway for your visitors.
  •  We can install or repair drip irrigation systems so you can keep the same lovely landscape with 50 percent less water usage.

When it comes to landscaping concerns and sprinkler repair in Centennial, Green Mountain Turf are the experts you turn to for the best customer service. Let us know how we can help you.

They did a fantastic job updating my outdated system with new sprinkler heads and a Rachio3 (which is amazing). Chris was very accommodating to my schedule and had a crew of 2 technicians out to do the job, which they finished quickly. George is a great technician and it was a pleasure working with him. Highly recommend Green Mountain Turf!

Mike Ranalli

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