Sprinkler Repair in Golden, CO

You enjoy your luscious green lawn and beautiful landscaping, but you don’t enjoy all the watering and upkeep that’s required to keep them looking great. That’s why you took the time, did the research, and had a sprinkler installation for your property.

It was the best purchase you’ve made, and you can’t imagine life without it now that you have your watering done on auto-pilot. That’s why when you need sprinkler repair in Golden, CO you don’t want to guess at trying to do it yourself or go through the long list of “professionals”. You want the best for the sprinkler installation that has made your life easier.

That’s what we’re here for! Green Mountain Turf offers sprinkler repair in Golden, CO and surrounding areas to make sure the system you’ve come to rely on continues to work well. Even if you didn’t have your sprinkler installation or drip irrigation completed by us, we will come out for sprinkler repair to make sure everything is in working order again.

a sprinkler repair in Golden done by our skilled contractors

Services We Provide in Golden, CO

Common Sprinkler Repair Problems

The most common problems customers experience with sprinkler repairs are clogged or broken sprinkler heads, sprinklers not installed in the correct place, and stuck valves. None of these are fun for you because it means your system isn’t working properly and oftentimes, you don’t even know why.

The good news is our crew is trained and experienced to diagnose sprinkler repair problems and fix them right away, so you don’t have to worry about your lawn or plants dying or wasting precious time and water by manually watering it all yourself.

When you need sprinkler repair in Golden, CO, don’t waste time and wait around. Give our team a call and we’ll schedule your service before your grass dries up.

Sprinkler Installation vs. Drip Irrigation: Which One Is Right for You?

You may be wondering which system you should install for your watering needs: sprinklers or drip irrigation? That’s a great question and it depends on your property and what you’re watering. In fact, some customers find it best to use a combination of both to make sure their lawn and garden beds are well taken care of.

Let’s take a look at sprinkler installation vs. drip irrigation:

new sprinkler system installation

Sprinkler Installation

  • Cover large areas and easy to configure for best watering placement.
  • Automatic systems allow you to set and forget it and even schedule around weather.
  • Water can run off your yard because of the volume sprinklers produce and if it’s a windy day, the water you expect to be on your plants may blow away from them.

drip irrigation system

Drip Irrigation

  • A great system for precise watering of a small yard or garden beds.
  • Supplies up to four gallons of water an hour directly into the soil and waters mulched areas without washing the mulch away.
  • You don’t have to worry with run off or water blowing away in windy weather.

If you need help deciding which watering system to install in your yard, contact us today for advice and custom recommendations.

We Serve Golden, CO and Surrounding Areas

We offer sprinkler repair in Golden, CO and surrounding areas, in addition to other services. We cover 50 miles in our service area, including Lakewood, Golden, Wheat Ridge, Arvada, Morrison, and more. Not sure if you are in our service area? Give us a call!

We’re Proud to Call Golden, CO Home

At Green Mountain Turf, Golden, CO is considered home to us. We love working in the service area and helping our customers enjoy their own piece of Colorado paradise. When we’re not offering sprinkler installation and repair services, you may find us cruising the Lariat Loop National Scenic Byway, enjoying a beer at the Coors Brewing Company, or enjoying the scenery and taking in history at Golden History Park.

Remember, the next time you need sprinkler installation or sprinkler repair in Golden, CO, there’s no one better to trust with your lawn than Green Mountain Turf. We’ve been keeping it green since 1977. Contact us today for your sprinkler needs.

We have used these guys now for over a year and have been very happy! They fixed and extended our sprinkler system, changed out heads and blew out our system before a snow storm came in. Our lawn finally looks how it should! They are knowledgeable, efficient and fairly priced and we will keep using them.

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