Sprinkler Repair in Littleton, CO

Dedication, quality workmanship, superior customer service, and more are hallmarks of Green Mountain Turf Sprinkler Repair in Littleton, Co. For over 40 years, our professional team has provided honest and reliable sprinkler repair services throughout the area. We have cultivated experience with every brand of equipment and can repair your system faster.

We understand new technology, are equipped to do most repairs in a single visit, and can work with you on additional services such as lighting design.  Call us any time to learn more or to get started.

tightening an underground valve during a routine sprinkler repair in Littleton, Colorado

Why Call Green Mountain Turf for your Sprinkler Repair Needs?

  • Our team is fully certified and insured for your protection
  • Our experience has taught us which equipment will last a year and which equipment will last 20
  • Our reputation has earned us 5 stars on every major review platform
  • Our in-depth knowledge of local laws will help you avoid costly fines

Our services include:

Give us a call any time to learn more, or to get started with service.

Hunter MP rotator nozzle installed by irrigation contractor

We Only Install the Best Irrigation Equipment Available

When you’re working on a sprinkler system, choosing the right equipment is half of the battle. Installing high-quality heads, valves, sensors, and electronics from dependable manufacturers means your system will run longer with less upkeep.

Our experience has taught us exactly which equipment is up for the task–and which isn’t. That’s why we depend on name brands like Rain Bird, Hunter, and Rachio.

Landscape Lighting Design in Littleton, Colorado

Are you ready to see your yard in a whole new light? We install low voltage that can highlight your yard’s best views, add safety to decks and walkways, and extend the hours you can enjoy your yard. We rely on high quality equipment by leading manufacturers like Kitchler that is easy to use, fits right into your landscape, and gives you unprecedented control. Call now to learn more, or read on about our lighting design services.

deck light installation

Smart Sprinkler Controller Rebates

Did you know that Littleton residents can get a rebate from Denver Water when you install a Rachio smart sprinkler controller? Call now to learn more about terms and conditions.

Sprinkler Winterization / Sprinkler Blowouts

When winter hits Littleton, your sprinkler system better be ready for it. Water left in an unwinterized sprinkler system will expand as it freezes, cracking your system’s PVC pipes, joints, valves, and heads. By spring, you’ll have a broken sprinkler system and usually several hundred dollars in repairs.

Green Mountain Turf provides dependable sprinkler winterization and blowout services to homes and commercial properties in Littleton, CO, and the surrounding areas. Sprinkler winterizations are the best way to protect your property from the negative effects of an early freeze. The best time for a sprinkler blowout is in the early Fall, at least one week before the first seasonal freeze.

icicle forms on fir tree in Littleton, Colorado

With changing climate patterns and the new threat of whiplash weather, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re prepared for unseasonably cold weather. One way to do that is to have a reputable sprinkler repair company like Green Mountain Turf on call.

When you reach out to our team for a sprinkler winterization, we’ll first complete an inspection to assess your lawn sprinkler system. From there, we’ll turn off all the water, both inside and out, and shut down your system and its controller entirely.

Once that’s done, we use a high-volume air compressor and air pipes to blow out each zone in your system individually and in order. This will remove any water that may be left in your sprinkler system’s pipelines, which is essential if you want your sprinkler system to make it through below-freezing temperatures without bursting. If we find any damage or run into any other problems with your sprinkler system, our technicians will bring it to your attention before proceeding.

The good news is that getting your system winterized doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our team has been offering sprinkler blowouts in Littleton for over 40 years, so you won’t have to worry about a fly-by-night handyman using the wrong pressure on your system and causing more damage than he prevents.

Our sprinkler winterization pros are just a call away, so if you ever need a sprinkler system blowout or an estimate for a winterization service in Littleton, we’re here and ready to help. Keep in mind, our winterization time slots fill up early, so please call and schedule your appointment before the first freeze of the season.

Why Call Us for your Sprinkler Blowout in Littleton?

  • Experience. We have performed sprinkler winterization in Littleton, and throughout the greater Lakewood area, for over 40 years. That experience allows us to perform extremely fast, and extremely reliable blow outs.
  • Professionalism. We offer transparent pricing, accurate appointment windows, and prompt, professional communication every step of the way.
  • Comprehensive service. If we find issues with your sprinkler system while performing a winterization, we can alert you to them and provide solutions that can be implemented during the down season, saving you time and money. We can also handle your spring sprinkler startup when the time comes.

Learn more about our sprinkler winterization services or contact us today to schedule yours.

Lawn sprinkler repairs and installations

If you’re looking for high-quality lawn sprinkler repairs and installations in Littleton, CO that you can trust, all you have to do is call our team of professionals at Green Mountain Turf. We are locally-owned, licensed, and insured and have years of experience working with lawn sprinkler and irrigation systems.

We offer comprehensive lawn sprinkler services to both residential and commercial properties in and around the Littleton area, including drip irrigation repairs, landscape lighting installations, and seasonal maintenance. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and on the exceptional customer service we provide to all of our customers, no matter how large or small their requests may be.

There’s no better way to add a splash of beauty and nature to your home or business than by investing in your lawn. We only use the best tools and materials for our work, and we specialize in the installation of lawn sprinkler irrigation systems by major brands such as Rainbird, Hunter, and Toro. More than that, we design sprinkler and irrigation systems that will keep your lawn looking its best, regardless of the season.

Green Mountain Turf offers friendly customer service, a timely workflow, and superior results all at an affordable price. We have been in business for over 40 years and have worked on every type of lawn sprinkler system and repaired just about every sprinkler system problem imaginable.

So, if you need a sprinkler service company in Littleton that you can trust for a sprinkler system repair or installation, be sure to get in touch with our team today!

Things to Do and See in Littleton

Littleton mapLittleton, Colorado, just outside the booming Denver metropolis has plenty to see and do without leaving the community. Whatever your interest, from beer to family fun, you can find it here in Littleton.

  • Littleton Museum
  • Breckenridge Brewery
  • Hudson Gardens
  • Jungle Quest
  • Arapahoe Greenway Trail
  • Aspen Grove
  • Legacy Vineyards Winery
  • Mystic Escape room

A Brief History of Littleton, CO

In 1859, the Pikes Peak Gold Rush brought not only gold seekers but an entire community to the Littleton area. Merchants and farmers also made their way out to experience the Wild West adventure.

The community is named for Richard Sullivan Little, an engineer from New Hampshire, who left the Northeast for Colorado to work on irrigation systems for the gold mining settlement. His wife eventually joined him and together, along with other members of the community, started the Rough and Ready Flour Mill in 1867.

It’s interesting for us to note the history of the area and how irrigation led to the founding of Littleton itself. Green Mountain Turf is excited to be a part of that legacy in our community providing quality irrigation solutions.

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