Sprinkler Winterization in Littleton

Sprinkler winterization is one of those chores that is easy to forget in the fall, and easy to regret not doing once the spring arrives. You don’t want to deal with cracked and broken pipes, leaks, and dead grass next year. With the harsh winters in Littleton, sprinkler winterization is a priority.

Trust the professionals to get your sprinkler system taken care of right away. We have the experience and the equipment to handle the job.

Just Moved Into Littleton?

If you just moved into Littleton, chances are you were too busy taking care of a hectic move to think about your sprinkler system. If it’s getting colder out and you haven’t had time to winterize the system yet, you can temporarily protect exposed pipes by covering them with a blanket or home insulation. That can get them through a few frozen nights. However, eventually the temperature will drop too low, and they will need to be winterized or they will break.

sprinlkler winterization in Littleton

Do You Have Self-Winterizing Sprinklers?

While some sprinkler systems can “self-winterize” to get through small frosts, they still need a high pressure blow out in the fall to ensure they’ll be safe through our extreme winters.

However, exactly how high that pressure needs to be depends on a few factors, including type of sprinkler system and types of pipes. If you just moved in, you may not know what kind of sprinkler pipes the previous homeowners chose. PVC, poly pipes, or something else?

Each kind of pipes have different pressure tolerances. Not enough PSI and there will still be water left, too much and you’ll crack the pipes. A professional sprinkler technician can tell you what kind of pipes you have, and clean out your pipes with truck-mounted compression systems that deliver just the right pressure.

It’s always best to trust the professionals if you want your sprinkler system to last. If you’re planning on getting sprinkler winterization in Littleton, call us soon, so we can get you on our schedule.

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