Sprinkler Repair in Lone Tree

A few days without a sprinkler in the tough Colorado summers makes your lawn look like it hasn’t seen a drop of water all season. If your lawn, landscaping or garden is looking brown and lifeless because your sprinkler is broken or under-performing, you need sprinkler repair, and quickly, to return your plants to their former glory. Wait too long, and your plants may not recover. Green Mountain Turf offers quick and reliable sprinkler repair in Lone Tree that will restore your lawn to health.

Sprinkler Repair Services Near You

  • Sprinkler head and valve repair
  • Sprinkler wiring & valve location
  • Sprinkler leak location & pipe replacement
  • Sprinkler controller installation & setting
  • Sprinkler zone additions
  • Rain & environmental sensors
  • Drainage
  • New sprinkler system installation
  • And more
a sprinkler repair in Lone Tree done right

Convenient Irrigation Repair in Lone Tree

You don’t have the time to repair your own sprinklers or worry about the company that you hire to do it. Green Mountain Turf offers reliable, trustworthy sprinkler repair that fits your schedule. Just ask our customers—they’ve rated our service at five stars. You make the call, and we handle the rest.

Our experienced technicians don’t waste your time.

  • We bring the tools and equipment needed to handle the vast majority of sprinkler problems in a single trip.
  • That means there’s no need to make a second appointment or wait for us to go and pick up simple equipment.
  • We have over 40 years of experience and know how to perform repairs the efficient way.
  • Our forward-thinking technicians are truly knowledgeable. They will let you know if your sprinkler system could be better optimized to save you money on your water bill.
Jack found a leak and digs after the pipe in question

You have a lot going on in your life, too much to spend time worrying about your sprinklers. Often our customers find out their new home has sprinkler problems. During your move, your lawn is the last of your worries. Call the professionals at Green Mountain Turf, and we’ll take care of your sprinklers quickly, professionally, and with superior customer service.

The Latest in Sprinklers and Other Equipment

Green Mountain Turf uses only the best sprinklers and equipment for our residential and commercial sprinkler repair. We’ve been in the business for 40 years. During that time, we’ve worked every type of sprinkler there is and experience has taught us which models and brands will last the longest and deliver the best performance.

We’re an experienced company, but we keep up with the latest in sprinkler technology. Replacing your old damaged sprinkler systems with new ones can save you money, with low-flow sprinkler heads. Perhaps you would also benefit from rain sensors, which automatically stop your sprinklers if it starts to rain.

replaced sprinkler head

There have been more exciting technological advances in the sprinkler world. For example, we can show you how to operate your sprinkler system through your home’s WiFi. Not only does this save you time, but it allows you to be more precise with your watering, resulting in a lush lawn without wasting water.

Overall, Green Mountain Turf uses the best technology to make your sprinkler system perform better and last longer.

We also offer other services that can help your property stand out, including landscape lighting installation and design, sprinkler winterization, spring start-ups, drip irrigation installation, and much more. Contact us for any of these services or sprinkler repair in Lone Tree.

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