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Brown lawns are so disappointing, especially when you’ve put time into caring for your lawn. The best way to fix the brown spots once and for all is to find out what’s really causing them.

The Problem

Over Watering

  • Your lawn started out green in spring
  • It’s most brown at the base of slopes
  • There has been more rain than normal

Wrong Grass Type

  • Your lawn stays brown after spring
  • This problem happens every year
  • Newly seeded spots are greener

Salt Exposure

  • Brown spots don’t recover after spring
  • It’s worst near the driveway & sidewalk
  • You use salt and not kitty litter to de-ice

Dog Urine Exposure

  • Brown spots appear in late spring
  • The spots are near the sidewalk
  • There are many dogs in your area

Grass Fungus

  • You can easily pull up brown spots
  • The brown spots are ring-shaped
  • Your lawn may also be over-watered

The Solution

You need to improve your lawn’s drainage.

  • Choose a smart sprinkler system
  • Get a pro to adjust your sprinklers

There are two types of grass: warm-season and cold-season.

  • Ask a landscaper which type of grass you have
  • Re-seed your lawn with a new grass type

Salt robs grass of water and can prevent it from recovering in spring.

  • Use less salt or non-salt deicers like kitty litter
  • Wash away salt and have the grass re-seeded

Once dog walkers start their warm-weather routines, you need to take action.

  • Post signs politely explaining the problem
  • Wash away your dog’s urine with a hose

A grass fungus will spread through your lawn if you don’t stop it.

  • Ask a pro to treat your lawn with a fungicide
  • Reduce water use with a smart sprinkler system