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Arvada’s Leading Irrigation Team for Home & Commercial Service

Green Mountain Turf Sprinkler Repair has been in business for over 40 years providing honest and reliable services throughout Jefferson and Adams counties. Our team is professional and experienced working with every brand of equipment and able to repair any system. Fast work and long lasting service.

We are dedicated to providing quality workmanship and excellent customer service. Our thousands of satisfied customers are the best advertising we have, and we look forward to making you the next one. When you’re ready for quick and dependable sprinkler repair in Arvada, you know where to find us.

Jack working on a sprinkler repair in Arvada, CO

Why Call Green Mountain Turf Sprinkler Repair for your Irrigation Needs?

It can be tempting to call a cheap handyman from Craigslist to handle your sprinkler repair in Arvada, but think again. Unlicensed contractors can struggle with specialized tasks like zone management, can lack the tools for many common repairs such as valve location and wiring, and can leave you high and dry if they damage your system or property.

The team at Green Mountain Turf is fully equipped to professionally and reliably handle every aspect of your residential and commercial lawn sprinkler repair needs. We are prepared to complete most irrigation system repair work in a single visit. Our service is rated 5 stars because we work hard, charge fair, and only install the best parts available.

Our company has spent years cultivating a deep knowledge of irrigation and drainage. This means we can help you avoid expensive mistakes today and in the future. We understand the newest technology, including the use of WiFi irrigation equipment. We can also install and repair drip irrigation. And talk to us about outdoor lighting design and more.

We Are Arvada’s Full Service Lawn Sprinkler System Repair & Installation Team

Green Mountain Turf Sprinkler Repair is fully prepared to handle 100% of your lawn and garden irrigation needs, including:

  • Sprinkler spray heads, rotors, and nozzles
  • Valve location, repair, and wiring
  • Environmental sensor maintenance and additions
  • Sprinkler timers and sprinkler controllers
  • Drainage installation and repair
  • PVC tubing leak repair and replacement
  • New system design and installation
  • Sprinkler winterization
  • Zone additions and management
  • Water usage audits and water saving upgrades
  • Backflow preventer installation and repair
  • Drip irrigation system installation and repair, including bubblers, nozzle, hose, and more
  • Automatic sprinkler system design and sprinkler system installation
  • And more

We only use quality parts from leading manufacturers, such as Toro and Rain Bird, for all our work. The result is more reliable and longer-lasting irrigation systems.

One of our specialties is improving the coverage of your irrigation system. If parts of your lawn, landscaping, or shrubs aren’t getting the water they need, we can add additional zoning, heads, or hybrid drip irrigation to fix it. Arvada also has regulations about overwatering and watering your driveway or sidewalk, so careful zoning is a requirement in this area.

Finally, we also excel at improving the efficiency of your underground sprinkler system. If your lawn irrigation system hasn’t been reviewed by a professional in a few years, chances are good that there are minor upgrades we can make throughout your system to help you conserver water and cut your water bill. Switching to a wi-fi connected smart sprinkler timer, adding environmental sensors to automatically shut off the system when it rains, or capping off zones that are no longer necessary can quickly add up to reliable savings. Call now to learn more.

Ratchet sprinkler head installed on a commercial property in Arvada, Colorado

Sprinkler Winterization and Winter Blowouts

Don’t trust your sprinklers to a guy you found on Craigslist. Our team has been offering dependable sprinkler winterization in Arvada for over 40 years, and we’re still just getting started.

Using the correct PSI in your blowouts is more important than you might realize. If the pressure is too low, water could be left in the system and cause hairline fractures as it freezes. If the pressure is too high, you could damage some of your system’s most important equipment, including the valve array and sprinkler heads. The worst part is that you won’t even notice the damage until spring has come and you’re trying to run your system, only to find that half of the system won’t run, water pressure is too low, or your water bill is too high.

Be sure to call before the first freeze of the season to get on our calendar. There is a reason why your neighbors have been calling Green Mountain Turf for their sprinkler blowout needs for decades, and we would be happy to add one more house to our route.

Learn more about our sprinkler winterization services in Arvada »

Landscape Lighting Design & Installation in Arvada

Many people in Arvada still don’t realize that we offer affordable landscape lighting design and installation. Our team has been installing high-quality outdoor low voltage lights for decades, which has given us the experience to work with a wide variety of yards, styles, and unique needs. Learn more about our landscape lighting installation services or call today to speak with a specialist.

Kichler outdoor lighting

Things to See in Arvada

Once spring thaws in our state, everyone wants to be out and about. There are plenty of things to see and do outdoors in Arvada. They include:

  • Arvada Center for Arts and Humanities
  • Majestic View Park and Nature Center
  • Tennyson Knolls Park
  • McIlvoy Park

And more!

Rocky mountains

Winter in the Colorado Mountains

There may not be a more majestic place on earth than the Rocky Mountains in the winter. In Arvada, we celebrate the season every February with the Arvada Winter Festival.

This culturally driven event is free and fun for the whole family. Explore cultures from around the world by playing games, eating food, and celebrating traditions.

We’re a Part of the Community

Green Mountain Turf is part of the Arvada community. We want to help you enjoy your own slice of the Colorado Mountains throughout every season. To do this, we work with you to provide quality sprinkler installation and repair.

We can talk with you about proper winterizing through our cold months and work throughout the year to maintain your systems.

This company is great and very responsive. I had them come out last month and replace and repair a couple of sprinkler heads. Everything was working good until earlier this week and noticed one of the heads wasn’t reaching all the way. Called and spoke to Chris he scheduled George to come out. George came out today replaced the sprinkler head, did a thorough check. Very pleased with this company and would recommend them highly!!!
Judy Telford

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