Sprinkler Repair in Highlands Ranch

If you have dry, brown, or wilted grass or plants, chances are your sprinkler system is to blame. Of course, your sprinklers are also responsible for the opposite problem, a flooded lawn that will drown your grass until it’s yellow and has to be replaced. Either problem needs to be corrected quickly by professional, experienced technicians. Green Mountain Turf offers that smart sprinkler repair to Highlands Ranch.

our team finished a sprinkler repair in Highlands Ranch

The Most Experienced Irrigation Team in Highlands Ranch, Colorado

You don’t have time to worry about your sprinklers or to worry whether or not the general contractor you called knows what they are doing. So, just call the professionals at Green Mountain Turf. We’ve been installing and repairing sprinklers for forty years, so you can rest easy knowing your irrigation is in good hands.

Our experience has taught us which systems and sprinkler heads last the longest and work the best, without wasting water. We only use top of the line equipment, so that your system will stand the test of time. We can also get you the latest technology, like WiFi-enabled controls, rain sensors, and more.

Plus, our experienced technicians find problems and fix them faster than the competition. We always come prepared for our initial assessment, with the equipment and tools needed to fix the vast majority of sprinkler problems in a single visit. We know your time is precious, and we won’t waste it.

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Sprinkler Repair After a Move

If you’ve just moved into Highlands Ranch, you’re more likely to have sprinkler issues. The last homeowner may not have told you that the lawn doesn’t drain properly. Or, maybe a mover stepped on a sprinkler as they were bringing in a couch. No matter who is at fault, Green Mountain Turf can solve your problem before it affects your beautiful new landscaping.

If you’re new to Highlands Ranch, these sprinkler repair services may benefit you:

  • We can find your sprinkler valves
  • Find and fix broken connections in the line
  • Fix leaks or breaks the last homeowner neglected
  • Add more sprinklers or new systems to accommodate any new landscaping you have planned

Dependable Sprinkler Winterization in Highlands Ranch

Botching a sprinkler winterization job is the quickest way to cost yourself hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on repairs. All it takes is a little water left in your system to freeze and create a series of hairline fractures in your pipes. Worse yet, it could damage equipment throughout your system and damage your landscaping by extension. Using too high of a PSI on your blow out can also damage more sensitive equipment, such as solenoids.

Smart homeowners turn to us for sprinkler winterization in Highlands Ranch because they know we’ll do the job right the first time, in just a few short minutes. Visit our winterization and spring startup pages to learn more about our rates and policies, or call today to schedule your appointment.

frozen grass

Landscape Lighting Design and Installation

Many of our customers were surprised to learn that we offer landscape lighting design in Highlands Ranch, but they’re glad they did. Our team installs low voltage landscape lighting from leading brands like Kichler, for lights that last for decades. We can even integrate your outdoor lighting with a smart home automation system so you can fine-tune your lighting right from your phone. Learn more about our landscape lighting installation services or call now to get started.

Where to Take the Kids in Highlands Ranch

The kids won’t be able to play on the lawn while it’s recovering from underwatering or flooding, or while we’re fixing the sprinklers. So take this opportunity to explore Highlands Ranch, which is a family-friendly community with some excellent places to entertain the kids. If you’re new to our neighborhood, we suggest you check out:

Let’s Get Started

Green Mountain Turf offers more than sprinkler repair to Highlands Ranch. We know that your lawn and garden are a matter of pride and we want to help you highlight it with landscape lighting. Or, if you’re adding new plots or plants, we can extend or install a new sprinkler system, or even a drip irrigation system, to ensure your landscaping is always lush. Contact us to brighten your landscaping with greener grass and glowing lights.

I just used Green Mountain Turf Sprinkler Repair for the first time and they were remarkable! I’ve been dealing with sprinkler issues for months and called George yesterday and he not only showed up at the house within 2 hours of my phone call, he removed and installed 5 new sprinkler heads and now my lawn is getting the coverage as needed. The work performed by Green Mountain Turf was professional, clean, informative and extremely reasonably priced! I give this company an A+ rating and will definitely use them again. Thanks guys!

Robb Dalton

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