Drip Irrigation

What is drip irrigation?

Drip irrigation is a type of watering technique which slowly and evenly distributes nutrients directly to plant roots. The result is a healthier garden, less weeds, and a greener lawn. The defining feature of drip irrigation is the low volume of water it requires compared to traditional sprinkler systems. Drip irrigation uses pumps which transport a controlled amount of water through tubing and toward emitters that slowly release water to plant roots and can be installed subsurface or above ground. The flexibility, practicality, and efficiency of drip systems are making it a popular alternative to traditional irrigation methods.

Why use it?

Drip irrigation offers several advantages over traditional sprinkler systems such as lower levels of evaporation which leads to water conservation, deeper plant root formation, and flexibility to the shape/size of your lawn or garden. Drip irrigation techniques are also up to 50% more efficient than traditional sprinklers. Switching to a drip irrigation system not only helps the Earth but also saves you money!

What services do we provide?

Drip irrigation comes in many shapes and sizes, and Green Mountain Turf specializes in most. We provide services for subsurface systems, above ground, gravity fed and many more.

Choosing the right installation for you.

Our team believes that the customer always knows what’s best, but for the times they don’t, we’re here to help. Green Mountain Turf recommends an above ground installation for those who desire a simple set up, improving ease of access should maintenance be required. For individuals taking on bigger projects, we use the very best in subsurface irrigation manufacturing to ensure minimal required maintenance and clog free emitters. As always, we are flexible to your needs and want to make everything simple and affordable for you.

Why choose Green Mountain Turf?


At Green Mountain Turf we pride ourselves on a job well done. We always come prepared with tools to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner. To achieve a high level of customer satisfaction we only use the best parts from the top irrigation system equipment manufacturers. This ensures high quality work and a durable drip irrigation network for your home.

Customer Oriented

Our team is professional, friendly, and flexible. We will work with you to design and install a drip irrigation system that fits your needs and budget. We hope that we can make you another one of our satisfied customers.


Green Mountain Turf has been in the business of home irrigation installation and repair for over 40 years. We have worked with every brand of equipment and specialize in all types of home watering system. You name it, we do it!

our team installed a drip irrigation system in Lakewood, Colorado

I had a great experience with this company. When I called, someone picked up the phone!! George was professional and pleasant. They showed up in time which is a plus! They came prepared with everything needed to install some new copper piping that wasnt originally part of my plan. I knew it needed fixing for years and while thet were here asked if they could do it. They did it for a fair and reasonable price. George is the guy for your sprinkler needs!!!

Tami Snowden

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