When the weather is nice, especially during the summer, the evening coming doesn’t mean that you have to go inside. However, you want to make sure that you have some landscape lighting both so that you can create a mood and for safety.

Below we have highlighted some of the most common places that you want to light up in your landscape around your home and some tips on how to do it the best way possible.


A path that is well lit is welcoming and provides light that extends hospitality to your visitors and makes walking much safer. It’s not necessary that it’s very bright, and choosing downlights helps prevent glare. You can also choose pavers that are individually lit.


Lights can be either put overhead of a back, side and front entry door or to the door’s sides. Not only will this help you be safe when you are coming home in the evening, but it will help you see the people who come to your door in the evening.


Landscape lighting with low voltage, which generally will use less energy and be easier to install when compared with other systems, will be great for along your driveway.


You should light up your steps to keep everyone safe. You can either light the treads or the risers. Either way, there should be lighting to help everyone be safe while they are on the steps at night.


You can use lighting for illuminating different task areas on your patio or deck, like a grilling spot or outdoor kitchen. It’s also a good idea to light seating areas and railings. Uplighting, which will be more difficult to do outside, also can be used on your patio or deck to send some light up on your deck overhang or an umbrella to provide a stylish indirect effect.

Trellises, Pergolas or Gazebos

Lighting’s a great way that you can highlight an interesting piece in your yard. This can be something like an arbor or pergola, in your outdoor landscape.

Architectural Features

You can use outdoor landscape lights for highlighting one of your walls, for instance, by grazing or washing it. When a wide light beam gets aimed on it from several feet away, it will create something called the wall wash. When you use light for grazing your wall, it will create interesting shadows and highlights. These can both help with accenting the nearby plants.

If you are looking for ways that you can increase the safety and look of your landscaping, one of the best ways to do it is through some well-placed lighting. If you want some more advice or if you have any questions, please give us a call. We are ready to help you with making your home’s landscaping look wonderful and helping to keep you, your family, and your visitors safe, day or night. A well-placed outdoor light can make a huge difference in your landscape’s look and feel.